Kenyon IT Solutions

Info Sec and Office 365

Information Security Consultancy

As a small business ourselves we are well aware of the need for IT security. The big boys may get attacked more but a breach for a small business can kill it before it even gets off the ground.

We will work with your budget and all your employees to improve working practices and keep costs within workable parameters.
IT Security is not just for large businesses. Please message us for a frank discussion about what you need.

Office 365 and Software licenses

We are a microsoft partner and software reseller.
As part of buying Microsoft 365 licenses through us we can offer added value in the form of a helpdesk support service for your subscription.We will work with you to build an appropriate and affordable service.
We also have access to an extensive list of other software and hardware from our vendor available upon request.

Virtual Security Function

If you have many projects being developed or are taking on new Saas solutions but you do not feel as though you have the budget for a full time CISO or Security Architects then the Virtual Security function is for you.
We will work around what budget you have to provide a service for days a month rather than full time. In that time we will look to upskill existing staff and implement security policies.
The Security Architecht can consult on applications on an adhoc basis for a fee per consultation. The earlier a security Architect joins a project the better but this can be left up to your preference.